RefItem_DescItem SizeTartanNotesPricePicture
Sporran16 Semi Dress; miltary cantle large n/a Lovely 1930's sporran complete with love letter in puch asking fiancee to marry him! Sweet eh? SOLD View
Sporran42 Highland Brigade Day Sporran 9 x 8 Lovely well worn in, been in the family for years look just as it should be of course ! SOLD View
Sporran43 Highland Brigade day sporran SOLD View
Sporran44 various modern dress sporrans Nicely produce non vintage sporrans at good cost c. 70 View
Sporran45 brown leather day sporran with wonderful original 1950s day sporran unused in original box! Glorious 85 View
Sporran63 Dress Sporran Lovely genuine late 1950's early 1960's dress sporran. Lovely cantle. Have a lovely vintage sporran that stands out as quality SOLD View
Sporran102 dress sporran Normally as customers will know we eschew modern sporrans but we like this and the others we have in stock 79 View
Sporran49 1950s Dress sporran A wonderful dress sporran in great condition. Don't buy a hideous new one. Have one that shows quality View
Sporran58 Day sporran Black bridle leather sporran. Wowo! with chain SOLD View
Sporran59 1950 s dress sporran 9 x 7 Such a splendid dress sporran from the 1950's. So nice to have a sporran that has that family handed down feel that stands out so well SOLD View
Sporran61 Dress Sporran 1950s Kinloch Anderson Dress sporran. Simply wonderful. We may even keep this one as we love it !!! 275 View
Sporran64 1960s Dress Sporran 9" A lovely 1960s sporran in nice condition and so very distinctive in its quality as opposed to modern SOLD View
Sporran66 Modern dress sporran 9 x 7 Gold cantle and chains We don't usually buy in modern sporrans but this just reeks style and quality. Just have a wee look SOLD View
Sporran70 1930s Pine Marten 9 x 7 So rare in such good condition. Great use day or semi dress or dress or Balls. J Morrison Military SOLD View
Sporran81 Dress Sporran A really lovely 1960 sporran. Greatr contracts with the black tassles. So stylish to have a sporran that is 60 y old SOLD View
Sporran89 semi dress sporran Good standard modern semi dress sporran we are selling for customer. Ask for pic 37 View
Sporran96 Day 8 x 7 Another lovely old sporran probably 60 years old. Please don't buy a nasty new one SOLD View
Sporran103 dress sporran Normally we eschew modern sporans as customers will know but we like this and the others we have in stock 79 View
Sporran104 dress sporran Normally as customers will know we eschew modern sporans we like this and the others we have in stock. Most stylish 79 View
Sporran105 dress sporran Normaly as customers wil know we eschew modern sporrans but we like this and the others we have in stock. Most stylish 79 View
Sporran106 dress sporran Normaly as customers wil know we eschew modern sporrans but we like this and the others we have in stock. Most stylish 79 View
Sporran108 Dress sporran Wonderful concentric circles on this cantle. Second ofvthis design weve ever seen So lovely to have a sporran about 50 years old SOLD View
Sporran111 Dress sporran Lovely modern swinging six tassel dress sporran. Ask for picture and we can email it to you 58 View
Sporran113 Vintage dress sporran A simply stunning thistle cantle on this golden coloured seal skin sporran .Ask for photo SOLD View
Sporran115 Dress sporran 9 by 7 A truly unique bespoke made dress sporran. Dark brown fur and three tassels with a wonderful quality acorn badge and handmade cantle SOLD View
Sporran116 Dress Perhaps the nicest modern sporran wechave ever had! Truly wonderful. Big too 10 inches . Ask for pic 135 View
Sporran127 Dress sporran Nice dress sporran c 1930. replacement tassels Comm 125 View
Sporran128 Semi dress Good starter sporran with chain 25 View
Sporran135 Day Splendid three tassel day brown leather sporran made in 1965. Don't buy new, Ugh! Buy character n patina please 60 View
Sporran134 Lovely patina to this 1960 three tasselled day sporran . Lovely vintage quality that you simply can't get with a new sporran 59 View
Sporran145 Semi dress Nice 40 y old sporran from Hecror Russell . Such a real bargain too but bought in well 69 View
Sporran144 8 x 7 Lovely early 1960 sporran thus over 60 years old. Such syle and individuality. Hard to find nice early semi dress sporrans SOLD View
Sporran151 Officer day sporran 1952 Highland Brigade officer day sporran from officers outfitters Kemp of Perth. Such solid quality . Oh that it could tell it's history SOLD View
Sporran152 1960 dress sporran Maker: the famous R G Lawrie We always say it as it's always true . Please wear a tasteful sporran that is over 50y old . It compliments your kilt so very well unlike a hideous new one 95 View
Sporran154 Dress sporran Such a nice fretted cantle dress sporran . We think at least 40 years old. As we always say you must wear a good vintage sporran please not some modern pressed imported nasty SOLD View
Sporran155 vintage day sporran 8 x 7 Please wear a nice vintage day sporran such as this one about 40 years old. Has a nice patina and that lovely character 59 View
Sporran159 Lovely vintage sporran. Such quality Do please just ask for a photo 135 View
Sporran160 Dress sporran 1968 One of our favourite dress sporrans. So ggod to compliment your kilt with such a lovely sporran. Ask for photo SOLD View
Sporran167 1960 dress sporran You know our views on hideous new imported sporrans! This is another lovely cantle sporran 50 years old. Such style 129 View
Sporran168 Officer bespoke day sporran A vintagevbespoke officer sporran with strap from Wm Gardin military outfitters of Edinburgh . Named officer details 59 View
Sporran173 Semi dress sporran 50 to 60 years old yet A1 condition . So lovely with great patina . Ask for pics 120 View
Sporran170 1950 dress sporran A particularly lovely 1950 era dress sporran. A delight and lovely condition . You know our views on modern sporrans. Ugh! 149 View
Sporran171 1950 Dress Sporran Such a glorious dress sporran nearly 75 years old. Such quality Such class . Ask for photos. 138 View
Sporran172 Dress sporran We do really like this dress sporran nearly 50 years old. A delight to be much admired as you will be Ask for pics 135 View
Sporran180 1930 dress sporran Lovely dress sporran we think from c 1930+ with well done replacement tassels 135 View
Sporran182 Semi dress A modern semi dress that came in with a kilt 39 View
Sporran183 Black day sporran Modern day sporran that came in with a kilt. Well made actually 35 View